latest info ijen volcano geopark banyuwangi

latest info ijen volcano heavy rain

Latest info ijen volcano geopark banyuwangi.

aripin ijen banyuwangi

Latest info ijen volcano geopark today

Latest information For the past few days, Mount Ijen geopark has been pouring heavy rain, but this has not stopped the climbers from seeing the beautiful Ijen Crater, Banyuwangi.
but also countless guests who canceled their visits this week because of the rain that kept pouring down on Mount Ijen and its surroundings.

even the miners themselves complained about the amount of rain that occurred, but they continued to mine even though there was a risk of slipping in the ijen crater.

latest ijen volcano heavy rain

“let’s hope this week the weather can be better.” so that we can continue our sulfur mining activities as we can, said a sulfur miner on Mount Ijen.

climbers are advised to be careful when climbing considering the difficult terrain on Mount Ijen.
This article was written a few weeks ago, so please ask the current state of Mount Ijen here

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