kawah ijen volcano tour package

ijen miner on a steep path

kawah ijen volcano tour package

Ijen tour package from banyuwangi by bromo ijen tour has 2 type of tour package
kawah ijen tour package private or kawah ijen volcano tour package sharing with other traveler

ketapang harbour banyuwangi

ijen volcano tour package private itinerary

Let’s talk about ijen tour package private first then continue with the sharing package

best ijen tour team

First Day

our team will pick you up at train station or harbour in banyuwangi, then take you to your hotel to check-in
take a rest at your hotel or you also can take this time to walk around the city, depend on which hotel you stay at.

Second Day

and at midnight we come to your hotel for wake up call, prepare and drive to paltuding, (paltuding is parking area where all the main activity start)

this journey take 1 hour from your hotel

had a coffe break while waiting your guide prepare for the ticket , gas mask etc,

take a beer on local restaurant

start the trekking at 2pm, enter the gate and start trekking for about 45 minutes to the top,
cause the plan are to see the blue fire mean we need to go down to the crater for 20 minutes trekking. here is the most dangerous path along the trek, but don’t worry your guide will lead you, to make sure everybody safe,

ijen miner on a steep path

on this path you can’t walk together side by side we need walk one by one cause its steep and narrow and you know what make it worse? we do it at night bro !!

said’ you arrived safe at the bottom of the crater, enjoy the famous blue fire, put your gas mask on,taking pictures and go up again,

ijen blue flame tour
we are not recomend you to stay much longer here cause its toxic and smell like shit, and also we need to catch the sunrise on the other side of the volcano. which mean we need to go up to the the top again and walk 25minutes to the sunrise point.

here is the place you need to put your warm cloth on, cause we waiting the sunrise, its windy which make us freezing after sweating

ijen volcano lake

you can stay as long as you want it, there are no limitation on a private tour

After you enjoy all your activity here get back to paltuding and drive back to your hotel. of course we stop at jagir waterfall which is on he way back to hotel.

arrived at hotel get breakfast prepared and we take you back to harbour or train station for free.

Now what about jen Volcano tour package sharing with other traveler?

all that activity start from your hotel and back to hotel again so no pick up and drop to harbour
and all facility are share with others such as car,guide, trekking on a big group
mean the time also has limitation cause we need to consider another people interest, for example we need to go back as early as possible cause maybe one or more people in the group need to catch train or flight

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